black wolf vikings
(Ulfgrimr lag)

Weekend Training

utland storm, the army of jomsborg

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What do you need to get started?

who we are

You need to attend our training sessions with a will to learn.  Before appearing with the group in public, you will need to acquire period clothing and if fighting, weapons and shield.  Our parent organization has an excellent guide on how to put these together, plus the current group members will be happy to advise in any way we can.  The link can be found here:  GETTING STARTED

Jomsborg is a worldwide organization of Modern Vikings whose members hail from many continents. We take seriously the spirit of the historical Vikings and we live to embody that spirit in the modern world.

Modern Vikings are warriors, artisans and explorers who spend our lives pursuing challenge, growth, victory and brotherhood. Coming from many cultures and belief systems, we set aside our differences and belong to something greater than ourselves. We strive to live up to–and are nourished by–the central oath that makes us strong: “One Shield, One Brotherhood.”

Utland Storm has it's own website at:

We are the Dallas/Fort Worth Lag (chapter) of the Army of Jomsborg.  We come from many different backgrounds, ages and ethnicities   We all share one common trait, a passion for the Viking Age.  We want to learn the skills and understand their history through experimental archaeology; learning them ourselves and experimenting with them.  Reading is not enough, learning is in the doing.