Within our group we learn the all of the reenactment fighting styles, unit fighting and full contact (Huskarl) combat.  We also participate in various HEMA tournaments and reenactment events throughout the US and abroad.

Skill    Brotherhood   Respect

If we are making shields to sell at events, training to improve our skills at fighting, or learning new hearth skills, we do it together.  We emphasize our world wide brotherhood as a member of the Army of Jomsborg.  

we work together

What we do


we have fun

We make things

From shows to our training events and even in our regular training, we remember to take time to enjoy ourselves in what we do.

Period cooking, weaving, leather work, dyeing, sewing..we learn all of these things together.  We not only enhance our own equipment but learn these skills to teach each other as well.

The black wolf vikings are the Dallas/Ft Worth lag for the Army of jomsborg's utland storm.  we are a viking age reenactment group that concentrates on the skills of the age rather than playing a role.  Our members work with dark ages crafts, fight with dark ages weapons or both.

 WE are not a religious organization nor do we tolerate racial bigotry  of any type in our organization.

we Fight